Why am I running my own micro-registrar?

I got tired of getting gouged by Network Solutions and I refuse to have my domains getting hijacked by GoDaddy. Over 99% of my customer list are personal acquaintances and I don't think I have ever had to advertise, it all pretty much works by word of mouth.

It worked very well because, well, the Wholesalers are dirt cheap and rely on volume, and I insist on running the micro registrar at the absolute smallest margin that I can so I don't have to use my own money to run it.

My micro-registrar is at https://gopedro.supersite2.myorderbox.com This is where you would go as a new customer to purchase new domain names and transfer existing domain names. 

The customer area is at https://gopedro.myorderbox.com/customer This is where existing customers would go to renew services, make DNS changes, etc.

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